I gave you a heads up a few weeks back (as an extra to my personal chart post) that Blare (Levoir)’s new single “Waiting For Love” was previewing in advance of release. I didn’t know at the time that Venezuela-born, Texas-raised, and L.A.-based Blare would be making it a free download via email subscription on his website. And that’s excellent news! It’s a classic slice of dance pop that should do well for the singer, who has already had success with previous songs, developing a rabid fan base in the process. ”Waiting For Love” is just a taste of what Blare has to offer. Check out recent recordings on his You Tube channel and you’ll find that he has a terrific voice that is accentuated by effects (perhaps a few too many) in “Waiting For Love”. Can’t wait to hear what else Blare has coming for us soon! 🙂